Gemma 'Coco' Dolenz  

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"Reverend Gemma Dolenz was inspirational in her officiation that highlighted Oneness and gratitude for all sentient beings! She invoked a blessing that invited heart-centeredness in recognizing the beauty that is before, with and within us at all times. A most memorable occasion of Divine Sacred presence in action... "

Dr. Susan Crimmins Ph.D.


"Coco Dolenz has been involved in all of the memorial services for my family, either as the person providing the service or contributing to the process and wishes of my family to make the memorial a heartfelt personal experience in both words and music.   I'm not sure what we would have done without her participation and caring."

Donna Young


“The sweetest moments are the celebrations of life. Thank you Coco for your kind words and beautiful poems in your celebration of the life of  Samantha Dolenz. Everybody was very moved and will remember it forever.”  

Dr. Tony Shipp


"Ami and I wanted to thank you so much for performing the ceremony and helping to make our wedding such a beautiful occasion.  We appreciate everything you did for us and are so grateful you were able to share that special day with us. Thank You"

Jerry & Ami Trimble

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"A dazzling vibrant inspirational performer - She hypnotized over 500 people with her enormous talent - I Love her."

- Dr. Wayne Dyer, Author, Speaker


"You have a great voice and you inspire me."

- Dr. Terry Cole Whittaker Spiritual researcher, author and teacher


"Your music emanates loving from the heart and gently caresses the ear while simultaneously uplifting the spirit." 

- Mark Victor Hanson, co-author "Chicken Soup for the Soul


'Coco' can handle a lyric with style"

- Variety, Hollywood


"Powerhouse performance. Singing a variety of music with passion, wisdom & humor"

Tryone, Toronto, Canada


"Coco sings like an angel"

Kathy J.



blessing ceremony.1

Horse Blessing Ceremony

Encinitas,  CA..

Davy Jones Celebration of Life

Los Angeles, CA

"Nothing is worth more than this day."



The Wedding Of Ami & Jerry

Trimble. Los Angeles, CA


"Do you?"  "I Do!"  Field Stone Farm, Virgina