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Why I stand for wildlife

By cocodolenz, Jul 30 2016 11:07PM

- "Dominion does not mean destruction, but responsibility. It is important to avoid flawed convictions about the right and power of humankind in relation to the rest of the natural world." (Think 'stewardship', the true meaning of the concept) "... a false view of dominion has played a role in the mistreatment of creation, but a correct understanding of the concept can lead to service, responsibility, and stewardship. Exhibit this dominion/stewardship, but exhibit it rightly: treating the thing as having value itself, exercising dominion without being destructive."

Therein lies the challenge. In 'ruling' or having 'dominion' over other species, unfortuneately, we have only disrupted their right to exist peacefully on this planet along with us. On what level does this make sense to you? Or as I was asked once " How's that working for you?"

Wise and beloved leaders have been great because they acted as 'stewards; i.e. just, fair, great thinkers, and acted with wisdom and stregth, not destruction and superiority.

I remember as a young adult having the great honor at being present at a talk given by the late Edgar Mitchell, after his walk on the moon. He shared with us some interesting insigts - He knew that the beautiful blue world to which he was returning is part of a living system, harmonious and whole. I remember him also remarking that as he peered down he saw no' borders' and realized that all of our wars have been 'civil wars'. I took his insigts to heart. His remarks spoke to my heart, not my mind. Whole. That includes everyone and everything.

Some of us humans, through our decisions based on our 'beliefs', have created dis-harmony, de-struction, violence. An illusion of separateness. On the other hand, some have also created just the opposite; support, cooperation, con-struction, service.

Why do I stand for wildlife? Because I know that their de-struction is inherently wrong, unnecessary, needless and avoidable.

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