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Reflections from the Flower Power Cruise 2018

By cocodolenz, Mar 5 2018 07:25AM

Just got home from the Flower Power Cruise. What a great time hearing some incredible artists and talking to lots of people. I overheard a younger member of the cruise say, "Gee everyone's so nice," I'm from Philly, I'm not used to it." Ha! Welcome to the power of love and the zeitgeist of the 60's my friend.

For a glorious 5 days I re-experienced inclusion, the power of love and acceptance, incredibly great music, and an opportunity to embrace the spirit of the times we called the 60's. Those of us who actually experienced it first hand, some 50 years ago, know what I mean.

Maybe we have trouble remembering what we walked into a room for, or where we put our keys, but I assure you we haven't forgotten the consciousness we created, through the lyrics and actions of the times; lyrics that spoke to the importance of love in ones life as opposed to just having 'things', or appreciating nature or celebrating our sameness as humanity. After all we created: " Have a Nice Day."

Many of us still strive to live each day by those ideals and values. It's not always easy, but it's still simple. Promote those things which encourage love and compassion, stand up for individual rights, embrace the current moment without judgement and 'speak truth to power.' (see Quaker's 1950 pamphlet: Our truth is an ancient one: that love endures and overcomes; that hatred destroys; that what is obtained by love is retained, but what is obtained by hatred proves a burden.)

If one lives with hatred, jealousy, or is causing pain to others, then I assure you that is not what the 60's were about. There was a knowing that we are all connected. There was an awareness and acknowledgment of the spiritual aspect of life which far surpassed religious dogma or beliefs, and transcended political beliefs, or man's laws.

For me, that period of time was about self-examination, honesty with oneself, and knowing that raising one's consciousness does make a difference. Science has now proven that to be so. We are energetic beings. Our thoughts and our intentions emanate out from us like waves of a pebble thrown in a pond. Our thoughts hurt or heal.

Our beliefs determine how we conduct ourselves on a daily basis and what types of experiences we have.

Music is a powerful, powerful catalyst. It helps those with Alzheimer's remember their past, it helps Parkinson patients walk and even dance. I spoke with so many people this last week, who, through the music were brought back to their youth remembering how these songs influenced them, helped them escape the turmoil of the times and became a way to live their lives.

I sincerely hope that as everyone returns to their daily lives, that they bring back with them that 60's consciousness of hope, freedom, love, unity, and above all else -- let's not forget the power that we all have to bring about change like we did so many years ago.

I don't usually get this 'wordy' on Facebook, but I just felt compelled to share my thoughts and feelings about my experience. If you got this far reading this, let me know your thots.

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