Rev. Gemma 'Coco' Dolenz  

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My mom used to say to us kids, "why don't you go out and play" to get us out of the house when we were making too much noise, or just being ‘under her feet’.  When we did we always found...




Singing has always been my greatest 'gift' which I am profoundly grateful for,  I also love creative writing and the sharing of ideas, expressing myself artistically, and assisting others in celebrating and recognizing their spiritual nature.  I look forward to sharing ideas, thoughts, conversations, ah-ha moments and celebratory times with you.  Namaste


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About Me...

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I grew up in an atmosphere where asking questions was welcomed and mistakes were just 'Oops, I goofed".      Blessed to be introduced to the worlds of philosophy, religion and science and encouraged to learn HOW to think, not necessarily WHAT to think led me to become a life time student of all three disciplines. Becoming an ordained non-denominational minister at an early age, seemed an obvious path as my spiritual practice unfolded.  My life has been an exercise in correlating these three worlds of knowledge.

So why two names?  I was named Gemma after my father's mother, who died very young.   My family gave me the nickname Coco, when I was a baby. And yes I love chocolate.  I will answer to either.