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Just got back from performing at FEINSTEIN'S/ 54 BELOW  In  New York city.  I appeared as a guest in Micky's cabaret show 'A little Bit Broadway A little Bit Rock & Roll' and then had my own show 'Songs on My Music Stand at 9pm on March 25th after his 7pm show.  He was a guest in my show too.  


I can't say enough about the experience or the fun I had steppin' out of the shadow.   My thanks to everyone who was there.  Your comments, support and energy was overwhelming and I am so grateful for all of it.


From NY we headed to Kent State to perform to a wonderfully enthusiastic audience.  Saw many familiar faces and got to spend time with new and old friends.


Then on to Atlanta, where it was, thankfully, warmer.  


Looking forward to Maryland, and Pennsylvania around the corner and the       50 Summers of Love concerts coming up over the next few months.

54 below head shot me and m 54

Hosting: The 1st Women's

Spiritual Retreat

coming this FALL  


Stay tuned to this station...Dates and details coming soon...