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.Booster Thought...Awakening Unlived Areas of Your Life

 *based on the writings of Dr. Robert Scott

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I am of the belief that as we become more spiritually awake, and express our talents, no matter what they may turn out to be, we are channels through which infinite Spirit expresses. Bit it means taking a risk and thinking outside of the box.


I know there are those waiting for something external to happen.  Then everything will be fine. I suggest, try loving more, try showing compassion, try expressing your creativity, try being a magnificent being who is understanding, and caring and who sees possibilities and acts accordingly.  Let us embody the attribitues which so many attribute only to the enlightened ones.   It's about time we look to ourselves as 'being the change' we want to see in the world. Every day we have the opportunity to live a beautiful life.  


What if a change in our own consciousness is all that's needed?  What if it's just about walking the talk? How about being a living embodiment of the principles taught by the beloved prophets old and new?


As unlived areas of your life flash thru your mind, grab them, say yes!  There are no limitations to what  is possible.  Give yourself a chance to live all areas of your life by enjoying and appreciating the life you have now.   Till next time..... Namaste

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If you don't have any unlived areas of your life, don't feel disappointed or rejected, perhaps some will arise before you finish reading this.


Being on a spiritual pathway, means ever looking to the greater and recognizing that each day is a new time in our spiritual unfoldment; recognizing that we indeed are growing.  Everything is fine, beautiful and we are magnificent and brilliant right where we are, but tomorrow if we find ourselves right where we are today that means we are not living in tomorrow and if today we are still as we were yesterday, perhaps we just haven't made much progress.


Every day is a new day, every time, every moment is a new opportunity - a new time in eternity.  Every moment there is a new arrangement within our entire physical being, within our entire emotional being, within our entire world, within this whole universe and every moment is new.  I know, memory ties it all together and we say it's the same old thing but it isn't.  That's only our judgement and of course, if we judge it and we say well it's the same old dreary day, tomorrow is the same old dull Monday, then it's going to be that same old dull Monday.


Suppose you could find ways and means of utilizing and using your time to a greater extent?  Perhaps there are areas in your life where your talents can be more meaningfully expressed.  Being aware of this motivates us, it is what seeks us and causes us to learn - to seek to cultivate our God given talents to a greater extent.  There are always areas in our life where our talents can be more cleanly and clearly articulated, appreciated, and compensated.


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