Gemma 'Coco' Dolenz ~ Ceremonies with Heart 

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One Spirit Many Paths...


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The variety of spiritual  paths, philosophies, and traditions has always fascinated me.  I firmly believe we all are seeking the same thing; a feeling of connectedness with something universal, perfect and innately present in each and every one of us.  


Since the dawn of civilization, ceremony and ritual has been a part of our lives in every culture.  Whether elaborate or simple; weddings, memorials, rites of passage, birthdays, equinox observances, blessings... all speak to this innate need to recognize the sanctity of the moment by acknowledging that something  deeper is happening.


It is my sincere desire to assist you in celebrating those moments in your life, whatever they may be, by helping to make them shine more brightly and deepen their meaning. Together, let’s create an experience that touches the hearts and  minds of all who attend.

Mission Statement

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also   Luke 12:34

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-Non-Denominational Weddings  

-Same Sex Marriages

-Memorials (Celebration of Life)

-Reaffirmations of vows  and important relationships

-Custom Blessings


-Web Gatherings


The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white.  

Neither need you do anything but be yourself.  Lao-Tse



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