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.Booster Thought..."What Would a New Thought Do For You?"

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    Next day I turn on Disney tunes in the car for my grandson and I hear these words from Frozen....:


 " And the fears that once controlled me,

can't get to me at all!

I'ts time to see what I can do

to test the limits and break through,

no right, no wrong, no rules for me - I'm free.

Let it go, Let it go! "


   Yes! Fears are just thoughts! Let it Go! They can  be changed.  Why think the same limiting thoughts about ourselves, day in and day out, never breaking free, never fully reaching our potential.... how sad.  Let it Go!

  • Would you like to be a greater help to those in your world who are important to you?

  • Would you ike to enrich and add sparkle to your relationships in more meaningful ways?

  • Would you like to direct the creative genius of your mind to bring forth ideas and experiences that result in greater feelings of fullfillment?  

    Try next time you catch yourself going over and over the details of a problem, gently remind yourself... " Oh sorry sweetie, we're not doing it that way anymore," and try a new thought.    May be easier than you think :)

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I read an article recently which stated:


"When we stop trying to live yesterday's problem,

we can start living today's answer."


   It went on to say that it takes a lot of faith and deep inner strength to live peacefully and creatively.  To handle future change, as well as be able to handle challenges of today, we can prepare ourselves; not only by anticipating turning points, but also by taking an active part in setting new directions for our lives.  There is great value in learning how to initiate and act as well as respond and react.  


    When we stop trying to  live yesterday's problem, we can start learning to live today's answer.  There are ways to expand our definition of ourselves in order to do what we are capable of doing in terms of our full potential - in all areas of our lives.


     The first step starts with being aware of our mindless self-talk - " I can't do that I don't have .... (you fill in the blank)....."  or " I never have before ...." (you get the idea).  Statements all referring to past beliefs. And our beliefs are just thoughts we have accepted as true.


    To learn how to think is to learn how to live.  To learn the "how" of thinking opens doorways to limitless opportunity.  Many people have found that gaining a deeper understanding of the dynamics of creative thinking becomes a spiritual experience of such meaningful dimension that their lives take on new directions with a higher sense of purpose.




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