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Earlier this month I went back to Virginia to perform my nieces wedding. I stayed in a lovely B&B in the Virginia countryside.


The Bed & Breakfast had gardens which were absolutely beautiful.  Sloping gently up the hill in back of the 1770 farm house were various beds, connected by pathways of green lawn.  Lilac trees in full bloom were spotted around the area, and in the beds were tulips, blue bells, daffodils, geraniums and more, all at different phases of growth and bloom, working together in harmony creating eye candy beyond description.


A half dozen of huge, white rhododendrons flanked the patio flag stone wall with buds the size of walnuts ready to shortly burst into bloom. Various planters sat around the area alone and in groups, planted with blooming flowers and vines, spilling over with color and texture. Around the corner was the garden gate with a rustic wooden plaque which fittingly said ‘Garden Gate’.  Inside the gate large beds were eagerly waiting to be planted, lying ready to receive seeds in the warm May sun.


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