Gemma 'Coco' Dolenz  

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I have had so many requests over the years to host a gathering for women where we can come together to nourish our bodies, minds and spirits.  The challenge was  finding the time in a busy touring schedule.  The time has finally come. Please join me for a weekend retreat this Fall.  To contact me with questions please go to the contact page.



UPCOMING Solo Dates with Micky:


7/04/17     Greece, NY   Town Hall Campus

7/15/17      San Juan Capistrano, CA  Coach House Concert Hall

7/25/17     Mid-State Fair Paso Robles, CA        

7/16/17     The Rose , Pasadena, CA      

10/20/17   Agoura Hills, CA  The Canyon

10/21/17   Saban Theater, Los Angeles, CA    

11/5/17     Oklahoma

12/16/17    Bay City, M   IState Theatre

2/24/2018-3/3/2018    Flower Power Cruise

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